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Craig Warren
Published by: Craig Warren on 21-Dec-21
Major Pitfall to Avoid While Using Google Adsense

Anyone using Google Ads is aware of the great potential of income by way of visitors visiting your website or blog and clicking on one of the Google Ad Links and registering a payment in your Google Adsense account, sounds simple.

The major hurdle for people is getting that website traffic to your site, and reading the various information guides on the internet will provide you with practically thousands of useful ways of generating traffic such as keyword rich web pages, article writing and reciprocal linking to name but a few.

But people must also realize there are actual ways on the internet that are expressed in articles as being the golden ticket to riches, which are in fact the sure fire and quickest way to get yourself banned by Google, ruining any potential of you making a decent income from your website, and people must be aware of the problem outcome.

From my own experience when first starting out with Google Adsense, I found myself to be very impatient at the fact that I may have to work at my website for possibly years to generate enough traffic to click on my ads and earn me a decent income from my website. So being frustrated at this lengthy procedure, I embarked on searching Google for possible quick fix methods which would start traffic flooding to my website and greatly increase the potential of visitors clicking on my Google Ads.

The method I fell upon was the TRAFFIC EXCHANGES, which guarantee visitors to your site in exchange for you visiting other people sites. Some of these TRAFFIC EXCHANGES operate with Google Ad clicking in mind, promising no guarantee that people would click on your Ads, but you will see an increase in Google Ad clicking.

Being stupid and impatient and at the time not realizing I was doing anything really wrong I joined ten of these TRAFFIC EXCHANGES and built up my traffic credits every day for a month and sure enough I got thousands of visitors and quite a few clicks on my Google Ads, it wasn’t thousands of dollars but it was enough to put a smile on my face.

Then like a bolt of lightening from the heavens, a nice little email came from Google expressing they had been detecting invalid page impressions from TRAFFIC EXCHANGES and if this was to continue they may have to ban my account.

Now I tell you I immediately went to all them TRAFFIC EXCHANGE accounts and promptly deleted my urls to my Google Ad site and ceased the use of these traffic programs straight away. Sure the traffic to my site dropped to under ten a day, but I felt very lucky and relieved that Google had not banned me permanently from the Google Adsense program.

The trouble with the terms and conditions at Google Adsense, is it does not clearly state what is illegal page impressions and it wasn’t till I received this email that I realized I was doing anything wrong, and im pretty sure that many webmasters out there have had the same conclusion and have not been as lucky as me and have had their Google Adsense accounts permanently closed.

This articles main purpose is drive a point home, if you’re wanting to make an income from Google Adsense, then the slow methodical approach of adding keyword rich web pages and writing and submitting articles over many months will eventually start giving you that much needed traffic and hopefully reward your hard work with enough Google Ad clicks to give you that dream income. DON’T CHEAT!!

Simon Ecclestone


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