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Published by: Craig Warren on 20-Dec-21
PPC Search Engine Advertising

PPC search engine advertising A.K.A. pay per click search engine advertising can allow you to start receiving traffic right away. PPC search engine advertising can provide you with the traffic you need run and own a successful online business. It’s the most cost effective way to promote your business online today.  How do you get started you ask??

There are many way to get started with a PPC search engine and be advertising in minutes, first find the right company to suit your needs as an advertiser. Common questions to ask: How much is minimum bid on keywords or Phrase?  Is there a limit to how many keyword I can bid on?  Last but not least is there any type of bonus for me becoming a member? Almost all PPC search engines will have all of this info on their website.

After you have picked a solid company and would like to start advertising you must decide on your keywords and phrases. The second task is very important; you can choose any keyword you would like with targeted traffic in mind. Only bid on a couple non targeted keywords. It’s a waste of money If all your incoming cliental   is not interested in you product. Take in to prospective of spelling mistakes and how they can help you gain cheap traffic off PPC search engine advertising, ex. You sell t-shirts and say a 100 people a month searches the keyword t-shit. Just because they can’t spell does not mean they can’t by a t-shirt.

Now all you have to do besides sit down and relax you must set your daily spending limit. I normally start it at $10 a day as a test run that equates to 1000 visitors to my website if I only bid $0.01 per keyword or phrase. To find out how much you can afford to pay on keyword is by running simple tests. You want to find out how many people it takes to sell one item? Say the 1000 people have already come to your website & 10 people bought you product for $10 each. So it took 100 people to make one sale you then traded $10 for $90 this would be an indication that you can set you daily up higher.

There is many way to advertise online and ppc search engine advertising has been one of the most powerful tools for my websites. It’s fast and easy traffic and helps when you combined other methods of advertising.



This is a proven advertising program for promoting any opportunity in any industry.


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