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Craig Warren
Published by: Craig Warren on 31-Aug-21
A Quick Guide To Google Analytics

Google, the best search engine ever built, has been famous for
everything that it provides – free of course. It has even increased
the size of the Email (G-mail) storage to 2.6 GB. Since then, it
has started launching a huge variety of products and services, which
contains 50 online services. It was in May 2005 that Google acquired
a company named Urchin Software Corporation which provided a web
service called ‘Urchin on Demand’. Henceforth, the service was
renamed to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is an excellent solution for all the website
related needs, starting from the source which brought the visitors
to your site to how they interacted with your website. Hence, it
provides good results as to how the site should be designed/
modified so as to attract more visitors or how to do better
marketing for your product online. Some of the features of Google
Analytics are given below.

Firstly, it is much easier to use. With the special AdWords
feature, Google provides more flexibility with the keywords and
also provides you immediate ROI results. It also provides good
suggestions as to which keywords can make the site or product
more attractive. Nextly, it focuses on only those modifications
(in your website) which will gain you profits. As the service is
available in many languages (English, German, Spanish, Korean,
etc.) there is a wider scope for improvement of the site along
with the marketing campaign.

As Analytics is powered by the same server which runs Google, it
can be reliably used for even top corporate projects. Also, it is
very much easy to use. For e.g. instead of purchasing or downloading
some software or script, just pasting the tracking code in the web
pages directly begins the tracking. Google Analytics also provides
Executive summaries of the conversions, traffic directly to you so
that you don’t have to hunt for the reports. You can then comfortably
compare keywords, revenue and basically, the performance of the
website. It also provides you the comparative reports of the
performance, for e.g. if you need to compare this weeks performance
with last week’s you can very well get the entire tabular data.
This service extends so much that you can tally this winter’s
reports with last summer’s reports. Google Analytics can also be
used for e-commerce websites, as you can compare revenues, arrange
and modify campaigns and get a whole view of the metrics.

Another special feature of Google Analytics is the Funnel
visualization. Sometimes it so happens that a visitor starts
exploring your site but quits in the middle. Mostly, it is due to
puzzling or maze-like data or irrelevant information on the site
that confuses the visitor. Google tracks the positions of the
quitting and hence provides you the opportunity of modifying that
particular area of the site. Google also provides you the segmented
visitor report, which includes sorting of visitor information by
location, by action, by new versus returning visitor, making it
easier to compare the keywords and the traffic. Geotargeting helps
in tracking the location of the visitor and also gives your
information about markets in various areas & their potentials.
Hence, it provides you a better option of the market analysis and
gives you more options of setting up or modifying your campaign
in order to increase the market value of your website.


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