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Craig Warren
Published by: Craig Warren on 15-Mar-21
Why Article Marketing is Important

Article marketing is the sharing of information. When you share
information, you are also getting some benefits from it. The
benefit is that you get the targeted customers that you wanted
which will then resort to more profits for your business.

You may be thinking that article marketing sounds easy enough. It
actually is, once you have understand its importance in your business.

Why is article marketing important?

They will give you long-lasting site traffic. How can that
possibly be?

This is simply because website owners do not dispose of your
articles once they have gotten new ones. What they do is that they
put in into their archive sections. Whenever a visitor wants to
read your articles, all they have to do is visit the archive part
and they will get your articles there.

And since you still have the resource box printed in these
articles, you will still receive the traffic brought by their
visitors even though it has already some time before anyone got to
browse through your content.

Blog authors are constantly in need of something to write about.

Nowadays, there is a large number of bloggers that are constantly
looking for contents to write about. One of them may chance upon
your article, find it interesting and even go as far as post them
in their blog sites.

All you have to do is provide quality information on a specified
topic and it will be syndicated by these bloggers once they need
to update their blogs.

They get their content. You get your exposure.

Product developers need contents too.

Ezines and other forms of review subscriptions need some sort of
content to go with what they are offering. If their theme is
similar or somehow related to yours, they will try and reprint
your articles to be put into their publications.

By using your article, they get will get more credibility to back
up their own claims. When they do that, they are already considering
you an expert on your field. If they don't, they would not be
publishing your articles in the first place.

Again, free exposure for you along with additional credibility
once it circulates around the Internet because of the subscribers
of those newsletter or ezine.

You get instant authority as an expert on your field.

Like what was mentioned above, when other people begin to read
what you have done, they will deem you as an expert in your
business. They get to trust you enough to believe what you have

The link that is in your article adds to the credibility you are
showing, Not only can they go visit your site and get to know more
about you. They will also see more of what you have to offer. If
they like what they see, they may even decide to avail of your
services or buy some of your products.

Your articles get to be posted to forums related to yours.

As with blogs, forums are a means of interaction between people
that have similar beliefs. Posting your article as a thread in
answer to another is a means of adding more credibility on your
part. By doing this, people will get to notice you.

If your article is unique and is unlike what they have read before,
they might even syndicate them and put them on their sites. There
is no telling how much people will get to read you and will want
to have you posted on their sites also.

Articles are search engine-friendly.

If your primary goal is to achieve higher page ranks and better
positions in the search engines, then article marketing is your

It seems that search engines are very fond of articles. They like
to put them up for the people who are always in search of information
or data.

It is said that there is no better way of having visitors come to
your site than having a good position in the search engines.

Are these reasons not enough for you to start and spend some time
doing article marketing? Nothing can compare to what articles can
do for your business.

What are you waiting for? Start your article marketing now and
start reaping the benefits.


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