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Published by: Craig Warren on 18-Feb-21
Blogs helps in generating revenue for affiliate program

Blogs are assumed to be the best business resource for making
money online. Not only that many people have understood the
concept of blogs and its benefits from business viewpoint. However,
most people trying to make money from blogs are doing it wrong.
For this reason, a lot of people fail to realize the money making
prospective of blogging and write it off as another Internet trend.

This belief is far from the truth.

For earning money through blogs it’s essential to understand the
power of Affiliate program and how an affiliate program can help
us to generate revenue. Affiliate programs are one of the most
important factors in making money with blogs.

There are two ways that you can generate revenues in Affiliate
Program. Either you join an affiliate program or run your own
affiliate program. You can sign up for an affiliate program
directly or you can join through an Affiliate Program Provider
(APP). APPs are a third party provider that collect payment and
provide reporting for affiliate providers and their affiliates.
AAPs are completely free to join and once you sign up you can
promote e-books and other products immediately.

E-books are a natural tie-in to the blogging. When you blog, you
are providing information and by offering AAP products you allow
your readers to get even more information on the same topic.

After you've picked the topic of the blog (hopefully a profitable
topic!), look to AAP for ebooks that you can sell as an affiliate.
The AAPs’ site has many helpful statistics that can assist you in
determining which products are the most profitable. There are
products listed in nine different categories to allow you to
narrow down your search. Each product listed has a set of statistics
underneath that give you information about the profitability of
the product. There is a figure titled "[Earn %]" that lets you
know how much an affiliate will receive from each sale.

The "$/earned per sale" cues you into the average amount that
affiliates earned per sale. This is the net amount and includes
any refunds that the ebook provider may have had to give out. The
"% referred" reveals how many of the products were sold through
affiliates. "Gravity" tells you how many affiliate have sold the
product in the last 60 days. The higher the number, the better.
Although you'll want to avoid products that are flooded in the
market, it is important to pick something that is selling well and
selling consistently.

Using affiliate programs with Any AAP can be one of the fastest
ways to make money through blogging. With a little planning, you
can tap into the money making power of blogs and be on your way
to Internet riches.


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